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The European research project on audiovisual search

“PHAROS will move search engines right into the 21st century,
providing automatic annotation and full multimedia searching
on audiovisual content whatever its nature and structure.”

Have a look at the demonstration_movies >>                                   

Worldwide, the volume of stored information is growing exponentially, and an increasing share is audiovisual content. This content drives the demand for new services, making audiovisual search one of the major challenges for organisations and businesses today. Digital data is the greatest value that many organisations possess, and the ability to use it, rather than just store it, will be one of the most important strategic aspects in the coming decade.

This website serves the project PHAROS (Platform for searcHing of Audiovisual Resources across Online Spaces), an Integrated Project co-financed by the European Union under the Information Society Technologies Programme (6th Framework Programme) – Strategic Objective ‘Search Engines for Audiovisual Content’ (2.6.3)

The PHAROS mission is to advance audiovisual search from a point-solution search engine paradigm to an integrated search platform paradigm. This platform will be built on an innovative, open, and distributed architecture that enables consumers, businesses and organisations to unlock the values found in audiovisual content.

The PHAROS search platform will create a new infrastructure for managing and enabling access to information sources of all types, supporting advanced audiovisual processing, content handling, and management that will enhance control, creation, and sharing of multimedia for all users in the value chain. The impact for the specific audiovisual industry will be to strengthen and extend product and service offerings, integrating oustanding technologies and achieving a competitive advantage by integrating solutions addressing the full content management processing chain.

This website provides official project documentation and material relevant to audiovisual search. It also serves as an information and communication centre for the PHAROS Federation.
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PHAROS participated to

Pharos Summer School 2009
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